We offer a roving sales & appraisal service In Washington, Oregon and British Columbia, let us bring our office to you to help with your appraisal & sales service.


EMA International Sales & Auction is a mobile sales & auction service selling all kinds of equipment, machinery & assets. We sell large equipment in place using the power of the internet and work with larger company's selling one item to whole machine shops and plants or large equipment. It is like having your own Auctioneer & Appraiser on staff how gets paid for performance and has his own storage and fork lift and works 24/7 till your equipment is sold. Call Mick Odell 206-542-4460 or 604-260-5576.

Roving Inspection & Photography Of Equipment

EMA International Sales & Auction offers a roving equipment inspection & photography report service as a accredited appraiser with over 25 years experience. We offer a report of visual inspection and photographs of equipment of all kinds Call Mick Odell 206-542-4460 for more information .

We Sell Machinery In Place For Our Clients

We sell machinery in place for our clients such as a Jet lathe located in Kirkland WA that the estate sales company could not sell but we sold it in place to a buyer in Fort Langley British Columbia Canada. So how do we do it we give very good descriptions , lots of good photos (55 in this sale) and answer the phone 17 hrs a day.